This Ought Not Be

I’m sure by now you’ve seen the pictures. White men on horse back with whips chasing black bodies. Every time I see it, I cringe. My body responds to this familiar trauma again. I have a visceral, conditioned response.

I ask myself, “Why does this keep happening?” From the days when Africans were enslaved on these shores until now – black bodies have been treated as cattle, property, and less than human. THIS OUGHT NOT BE!

Then, inevitably, I ask who could do such a thing to a fellow human being. Often, to my utter disbelief, it is a person who identifies as a Christ-follower. A good, law-abiding, badge-wearing, church going, family man. THIS OUGHT NOT BE!

How could people who claim to love Jesus, disregard the humanity of their

fellow human beings?

Michelle R. Loyd-Paige & Michelle D. Williams, Diversity Playbook: Recommendations and Guidance for Christian Organizations

While I don’t have all the answers that I seek. I know a God who hears and answers prayers. So, my prayer today is:

God, please help us to love. Help us to love the stranger, the asylum seeker, the migrant, the law breakers, and the law enforcers.

Help us to love justice. Your justice – rooted in the love ethic of Jesus. Help us to love mercy and extend it freely.

Help us cultivate a deeper love. A love that builds rather than destroys. A love that gathers together rather than pulls apart. A love that gives rather than takes.

You have shown us what deep love is. Love is patient and kind. It does not dishonor others. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, and always preserves.

Deepen our capacity to love our neighbors as you love them.

Help us, heal us, forgive us, and correct us.

In Jesus Name,


Excerpted from the closing prayer in “Diversity Playbook: Recommendations and Guidance for Christian Organizations”

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