An Activist’s Prayer

In this post I will be sharing a prayer in the form of a poem by Terrance Hawkins. The Activist’s Prayer is something that I read and share often. While the title identifies the prayer as something for activists, in reality the prayer is also suitable for those we identify in our book – Diversity Playbook: Recommendations and Guidance for Christian Organizations – as friends, colleagues, outliers, allies, colleagues, and co-conspirators.

Why a post about a prayer that is in the form of a poem? Well for one, it is a reminder of the importance of being grounded spiritually. Two, I love the form of this prayer. The language is simple, relatable, and modern. Three, the subject of the prayer is the person praying. While it is good to pray for others and to pray for justice, peace, and reconciliation; this prayer is a reminder of the importance of praying for ourselves. And four, the prayer is versatile. The prayer can be spoken in whole or each line can be offered as a breath prayer. What’s a breath prayer? A breath prayer is a short prayer that can be prayed within the span of a single breath or as one breathes in or out.

The Activist’s Prayer – Terrance Hawkins

Thicken my love.
Widen my heart.
Sharpen my analysis.
Enliven my praxis.
Embolden my voice.
Deepen my rest.
Lighten my heaviness.
Toughen my skin.
Soften my spirit.
Strengthen my friendships.
Lengthen my endurance.
Weaken my ego.
Awaken my soul.
Refreshen my vision.
Hearken to my weary voice, O God.
I am your friend & co-conspirator
in the struggle for a new world.

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